Primary Education Rising

In June 2016, the PER1 project implemented in Goma by the LDP DR Congo programme aims to participate in peace-building processes in the DRC by supporting the field of education in conflict-affected areas in North Kivu, DR Congo.

The objective of this project was to:

  • Supporting the education of orphaned children affected by the war in North Kivu
  • Participate in the reduction of early girl marriage rates by providing them with the best conditions for access to basic education.
  • Strengthen female leadership at all levels of decision-making at the community and national level through the schooling of the mother daughter.
  • The launch of this project was attended by the political-military authorities, the police and related state services.

50 orphaned children of military and police officers of the primary cycle were proposed to the first selection of beneficiaries, after the selection stages 31 children were selected according to the pre-established eligibility criteria, i.e. 21 girls representing 70% and 10 boys or 30%, all benefited from school fees during the 2015-2016 school year.

Interview with Ms. Adèle Marie Kabuo Kahota CEO/ basing PLDC on the launch of the PER1 project:

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PROJECT MAMA SHUJAA (strong woman)

PLDC a Congolese national organization, working in the fields of gender, agriculture and livestock, formal and informal education as well as peace education, to date, concludes the project Mama Shujaa That to known III components in the sector of the Genre, the said project consisted of granting the credits to 45 women widows of the military and police.

We are satisfied with the results achieved in aligning the socio-economic recovery of women at high risk of sexual abuse and exploitation. Our thanks go to our benefactors Swedish Africa Cooperation -SWEDAF),The political-administrative authorities, the Congolese defence and security forces, as well as our dedicated and committed staff despite the many challenges that the project has experienced.

The launch of this project took place on the sidelines of the commemoration of International Women’s Day, the NGO PLDC is launching the second phase of the “MAMA SHUJAA” project

As part of the commemoration of International Women’s Day this Wednesday, March 08, 2017, under the theme: WOMEN IN A WORLD OF WORK IN EVOLUTION: A PLANETE 50-50 FROM ICI 2030; the management team of the NGO PLDC (Leadership Promotion for Community Development) in collaboration with the 342nd Garrison SECAS- (Civic and Patriotic Education Service and Social Actions -FARDC)) proceeded to give symbolic credits to the widows of the military to raise their financial autonomy; this activity was part of the launch of the second phase of its project “MAMA “Brave Woman” in DRC. As part of Phase 2 of this project;

Several keynote speeches were given by the participants to encourage the widows who benefit from this project to work with courage and love at the end of reaching a planet 50-50 as indicated by the theme of the year.

On the sidelines of the day, the 20 beneficiaries were given the knowledge on savings management as well as on microcredit.

Colonel Kirasi, head of SECAS and representing the FARDC, praised the efforts of the NGO PLDC in the economic recovery of women widows of the FARDC and appealed to men of good will to support this organization.

As a reminder, the NGO PLDC, Promoting Leadership for Community Development, is an initiative of Ms. Adele Kahota, is a non-governmental non-profit organization in acronym, registered under ministerial decree No. 176 CAB/MIN/JDH/2016 and operational in North Kivu since 2008 and recognized nationally on 19/02/2016, Siege of the DRC and is currently implementing project activities to support education for victims (orphans and widows) affected by the wars in North Kivu, but several challenges remain and require that women’s empowerment is a cross-cutting issue.


The Piggery Project

The PLDC piggery project is written in the fight against poverty in its community recovery component for widows, women at high risk of sexual exploitation, as well as the creation of jobs for young orphans out of school.


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Community Recovery Project

Support for two orphanages in Beni and Kirotche (North Kivu)

In their PLDC community recovery project with Village Care, they were able to give a relaxing moment to the orphanages victims of massacre in Beni around a hot meal. This activity takes place every end of the year in two orphanages in Beni Ville and another in Kasindi. Apart from the hot meal, PLDC also assists in basic needs, including food and mattresses.

A gesture of love and compassion can soften the soul, it is said.

Raising and raising community awareness pillars of PLDC here activities with leaders of the first occupants, commonly called Pygmies as part of peaceful cohabitation, raising awareness about health hygiene in the area shaken by Ebola virus disease.

Education Project

Education project in partnership with Kasugho University of Conservation and Nature Development (UCNDK).

10 university scholarships have been awarded by PLDC and its partner UCNDK for police orphans in North Kivu.

These scholarships cover 5 years of study in the Faculty of Geology, Biology, Agronomy and Law; and 7 years in human and veterinary medicine.

Black Month Celebration in Canada

PLDC had the honor of intervening on issues related to social cohesion in Africa at the close of black’s month of remembrance in Canada. Participating in the reconstruction of our beloved continent -utilitarianism -Jeremy Bentham – the only way to increase his pleasure and reduce his sorrows.

Activist Adèle Kahota calls on women in Beni, Butembo and the surrounding area to work for peace

New year with these orphans forgotten in the Territory of Béni, Kasindi, DRCongo !! Thank you to PLDC and other personalities: there are also victims of massacres in this area of ​​the country.


Beni (Nobili) These children remained suckling while their mothers were killed with machetes … these are the children that ONG @pldc  with house of excellence wishes to support; these contact us directly for any support.

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PLDC assisting orphans with foods and none food items in Beni,Nord Kivu, DRCongo

PLDC assisting orphans education in Kirotshe, Masisi territory, Nord Kivu

This child is the only survivor of his family killed in Beni Paida, North Kivu. He was found next to his throat cut mom, he needs our support.

PLDC handing over cheque to local authorities
PLDC reinforce capacity building for local woman entrepreneurs’ in Senegal (West Africa)

PLDC assisting women in Mama Shujaa project: agriculture and pig farming in Goma,Nord Kivu, DRCongo.


In partnership with NGO Village Care, PLDC supports the cultivation of market garden products, legumes, maize and potatoes in the Lubero Territory, Nord Kivu, DRCongo  as part of women’s empowerment

PLDC provide food during Christmas activities to orphans; organize a concert for them in Kasindi, Nord Kivu, DRCongo.


During COVID-19 crisis, PLDC supports orphans in Beni, Nord Kivu Province, DRCongo by providing food and other emergency items.

Through PLDC, a family supported Amina, an orphan; in Kirotshe, Masisi territory, North Kivu Province, DRCongo during this period of combating the spread of CORONA VIRUS, COVID-19. Note that Amina is looked after by a woman who is herself blind.
Amina is attending local school with other children, orphans supported by PLDC.

PLDC is sharing food with orphans and other children within the community; in support of community peace cohesion and cohabitation. This is the joy of the co-founder of PLDC and Executive Director, Adele Marie Kabuo;